Yung Joc has received an apology from Meghan James after a clip of her calling him a “one-hit wonder” went viral.

The “I Know You See It” rapper recently joined James for an episode of The Hollywood Groupchat podcast where she questioned Joc about maintaining a career while only having one hit. However, she’s since apologized.

“First of all I wana apologize to @joclive, my intentions were not to disrespect you during my podcast interview,” James wrote to Instagram earlier this week.

“I was honestly interested in you journey & how you have been able to stay relevant through out the years. Thanks for taking time out of your day to show love to @thehollywoodgroupchat podcast !!”

The former Bad Girls Club star bluntly asked Joc how he managed to maintain his lifestyle while in her head he only had one hit to his name. “So Joc, how have you been able to sustain a 20-year career off of one hit,” she said.

The Atlanta rapper didn’t take offense to the question and politely responded: “Great question, well, I got more than one hit. I got hit records!”

Joc later explained that he wasn’t even going to do the interview, but sat down with James as a favor to a friend. “People been shading me, this ain’t nothing new,” Joc told The Shade Room. “It’s just y’all got a chance to see it from somebody y’all may not be as familiar with, so it’s like ‘Oooh, the nerve.’ And that’s how I felt too.”

He continued: “Shawty hit me so far below the belt I was like, ‘Damn. I ain’t even come here to interview with yo ass.’ I really came to see somebody else.”

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Yung Joc Explains What Diddy Has That Jermaine Dupri Doesn't

James initially pushed back against the criticism in a series of tweets on Wednesday (March 22). “Iono why everybody panties in a bunch . Y’all do not be mad a funny Marco . I guess it’s bc he a comedian and I be serious,” she wrote in the first.

She followed it up with another that said: “Comedians get away w being ‘ disrespectful ‘ when y’all know them ‘ jokes ‘ be coming from a serious place …. But when I wasn’t intentionally being disrespectful and was really curious I’m WRONG bye FOH.”

Throughout his career, Yung Joc has been part of 11 records that have touched the Billboard Hot 100. The Grammy-nominated rhymer has one solo Top 5 hit with “It’s Goin Down” while his assist on T-Pain’s “Buy U A Drank” reached the Hot 100 apex in 2007.