Memphis, TN

Yo Gotti‘s Prive restaurant in Memphis was the location of a deadly shootout earlier this week that left two dead, and footage of the incident has now surfaced online.

TMZ obtained footage of the brawl inside Prive on Wednesday night (March 29) as well as the deadly shootout that spilled over into the parking lot outside the restaurant.

In the clip, about eight people appear to be arguing before a person is shoved and then chaos ensues as a drink goes flying with heavy punches being thrown. One of the males involved hands off his crutches to his girl before tossing a chair to trample an enemy.

The scene pans to the outdoor parking lot where the argument continues and an assailant in blue appears to fire several shots from his semi-automatic weapon before scurrying off. Two people were left laying in a pool of blood with a car running while the rest fled the crime scene.

According to the Memphis Police Department, shots rang out shortly after the restaurant closed its doors at 11 p.m. on Wednesday.

Two male victims were pronounced dead — one of whom was found dead at the scene, and another who died from his injuries at a nearby hospital. Five additional victims — four males and one female — were then transported to a nearby hospital after being wounded in the shootout.

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Yo Gotti’s attorney, Arthur Horne, issued a statement to local Memphis news outlet WREG explaining that this is the first time an incident of this nature has happened at Prive.

“On behalf of Prive, they’ve been in business for 10 years, and nothing like this has ever happened at their establishment,” he said. “It happened out in the parking lot, and it ended up in a shootout.

“Nothing happened inside the restaurant. Despite any conflicting reports, they were closing, and this happened at the end of the evening in the parking lot.”

TMZ confirmed that Yo Gotti wasn’t present at the shooting and wasn’t even in Memphis at the time.