Atlanta, GA

Tyrese has been ordered to pay his ex-wife nearly $650,000 by a judge he publicly called out for being “racist.”

The Fast & Furious star attended a court hearing in his custody battle with his ex, Samantha Lee, in Atlanta on Tuesday (April 25), where he was held in contempt of court for failing to pay the $10,000 a month in child support he was ordered to cough up last August.

According to TMZ, Tyrese argued on the stand that the monthly amount is excessive as Lee allegedly earns a substantial income on her own.

The Alter Ego singer’s protest fell flat, though, as he was ultimately ordered by Judge Kevin Farmer to fork out $237,944 in back child support payments to his ex-wife — with whom he shares a four-year-old daughter named Soraya — and $399,000 for Samantha’s attorney fees.

The judge acknowledged that Tyrese has been paying child support all this time, albeit a significantly smaller sum of $2,236 per month. The $237,000 represents the monthly difference he owes, plus interest.

Tyrese was also told to foot a $17,000 bill for the special master in the case, a “subordinate official appointed by a judge to ensure judicial orders are followed.”

The actor/singer has until May 15 to pay roughly $258,000 of the amount owed. His attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, said that date could be pushed back, though, as she plans to file an appeal. She has also filed a motion for a new trial which will be heard next month.

Following the hearing, Tyrese issued a statement to The Shade Room disputing the judge’s ruling, citing the nearly $150,000 a year his ex-wife allegedly earns.

“Everything will be appealed. My attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, stated that at least 30 things beyond the scope of the law was mishandled and flat-out egregious and illegal,” he said.

Tyrese also claimed that Samantha “originally paid $7,500 only to retain her attorney over two years ago and although she makes about $15,000 a month — almost $150,000 a year — she ended up with two different law firms [and] racked up almost $500,000 [in legal fees] and they never asked her for another dime because they were banking on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

“After my attorney asked their attorney why have you represented Samantha for [free] for well over two years and she can clearly afford to pay her own legal fees, they both said, ‘We really like her.’ People like me too but not enough to carry over two-plus years in legal fees without paying legal fees and make them wait over two years to be paid.”

He added: “The family law court system really fucking sucks. It’s all a process we will appeal.”

Tyrese's Ex-Wife Hits Him With A Cease & Desist Amid Messy Divorce

Tyrese's Ex-Wife Hits Him With A Cease & Desist Amid Messy Divorce

Tyrese also shared his disappointment at the outcome on Instagram, while addressing his supporters who showed up — but were turned away — at the courthouse after he called on Black fathers to join him in prayer prior to the hearing.

“It’s all the process, right? Is anyone really surprised the outcome?” he wrote. “I think of all things today of ALL things moved my [heart]. I just want to say to all of the fathers who showed up and was turned away for prayers today on the steps of the family law court building in Fulton County.

“I wish I would’ve seen you. I’m so sorry if you spent money on gas, and just simply wanted to show up and pray with me today, on behalf of all fathers, and the endless levels of injustices that continue to take place we will appeal.”

He continued: “For any fathers advocate groups, anyone that can represent me to get some new laws put in place that can go into Congress. I am ready along with a whole lot of other fathers who continue to get fucked over by the family law court system.

“Change doesn’t come from sitting at home quiet… I feel bad for all of the fathers that were turned away and not allowed to pray with me today… But I appreciate you guys carving out time to be there this morning.”

Days before the court hearing, Tyrese put Judge Farmer on blast for being “racist” and allegedly calling his ex-wife a “bitch” in the private chambers of his office. He also accused the judge of illegally sealing his case in an attempt to hide his misconduct.

“We tried to get him recused, we tried to get him thrown off the bench because of his conduct and his unprofessionalism. And then there were a bunch of things pertaining to the outcome of my case that he did that was literally illegal,” he said in a lengthy video posted on Instagram.

The 44-year-old’s issues with the judge date back to last August, when the Fulton County jurist threatened to hold him in contempt of court for arguing with his ex-wife’s lawyer over his earnings.