Tyrese has shared some choice words for Charlamagne Tha God after the radio personality delivered a scathing review of his new song.

On Monday (March 20), the Fast & Furious actor took to Instagram to express his displeasure with Charlamagne, claiming he disregarded the remix to his single, “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me.”

“@cthagod disrespected me today I sent him my remix him said ‘No One Cares’…” he wrote in the post’s caption. “I see the ex darky still losing sleep over me cause I’m still my original complexion….”

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On Tuesday (March 21) ,Charlamagne responded to Tyrese’s comments while on The Breakfast Club. When questioned about Tyrese’s post by Jason Lee (the show’s latest guest host), Charlamagne said that he did indeed tell Tyrese he could care less about the track, claiming that Tyrese only speaks to him when he needs something.

“Tyrese is a person who only reaches out when he wants something,” he said. “It’s never, ‘Hey, what’s up, man? How are you?’ It’s always, ‘Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me.’ He sent me that song two or three times, I’m like, ‘Yo! We don’t care!’” Check out the clip below.

In a separate Instagram post Tyrese made that day, he addressed Charlamagne’s comments writing: “I had to look out for Charlemagne the god and make sure that I put a filter on him so that he can look as dark as he used to be…. I heard he was talking shit about me on the radio this morning? Damn, I don’t know what I did to you bro I thought we was cool???? Damn I heard you’ve be acting light-skinned lately it’s cool.”

The 44-year-old crooner continued: “I’m over here fucked up y’all not only do I NOT have a record deal but I’m over here with a song that’s about to be top 10 and hoping that I can figure out this label situation so that I don’t have to push my album into next year.”

He added: “As far as Charlemagne I’m coming in New York to see you and we gonna talk about it. That’s not a threat. That’s an elbow. That’ll be followed by a hug. I don’t want your support DJs. I don’t want your support Radio I don’t want your support. I NEED YOUR SUPPORT BADLY…. I don’t care if you’re local radio station satellite or syndicated, I NEED YOU…..”

In other Tyrese news, the singer opened up about how psych meds he was prescribed impacted his mental health and decision-making which unfortunately played out publicly.

Tyrese Preps New Double Album Inspired By His Recent Divorce

Tyrese Preps New Double Album Inspired By His Recent Divorce

Earlier this month, he spoke with Sway In the Morning about how being on certain medications like Rexulti, caused him to make up stories like Will Smith gifting him $5million or announcing that his ex-wife was pregnant.

“So for someone who doesn’t use drugs, you put some shit like Rexulti in my system, it’s gonna have the worst adverse effects ever,” Tyrese began. “So I’m online talking about Will Smith giving me $5million — I never talked to Will Smith and I still haven’t recovered from the damage I did to him and his family. They didn’t deserve them phone calls.”

He continued: “I still haven’t recovered from announcing that Samantha was pregnant when she wasn’t at the time. Everything that was happening, I was out of my mind.”