Troy Ave has returned with another diss song aimed at Taxstone, and it finds him celebrating the podcaster’s guilty verdict over the 2016 shooting at Irving Plaza.

The provocatively-titled “Dear Hater I Won” was unleashed on Thursday (March 23) along with an accompanying video showing Troy Ave rapping in front of the New York County Supreme Court building in Lower Manhattan. The song itself is filled with references to his long-running rivalry with Taxstone.

Since you n-ggas like writing letters, here go one/ Dear hater, I won/ I’m a boss, you’re a bum/ Suck a dick ’til it cums,” Troy Ave raps in the chorus to begin the track.

He continues with his first verse by taking direct aim at Taxstone for writing a letter to a judge in attempt to prove his innocence. According to Troy, the podcast host is an “underground rat” for doing that.

I sat many months, you wrote to the judge soon as you walked in/ Mr. Collins and his entourage be doing a lot of shootings/ A recent one outside this New York City club that sued him/ And now it’s people suing, plotting to take what I stack,” he raps.

“Got attempted murder ’cause I took the gun from him and bust back/ This ain’t no made up raps, I’m paraphrasing the facts/ I’m the king of the underground, you just a underground rat.”

The song arrived hours after Taxstone (real name Daryl Campbell) was found guilty of shooting and killing Troy Ave‘s bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, at NYC’s Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert in 2016.

A grand jury acquitted him of murder and attempted murder, but he was convicted of manslaughter along with three assault charges and two weapons charges, according to Complex.

Troy Ave Testifies About Shooting At T.I. Concert: ‘I’d Rather Die Fighting'

Troy Ave Testifies About Shooting At T.I. Concert: ‘I’d Rather Die Fighting'

Sentencing will take place on April 19.

Troy and Taxstone had been going at it on Twitter before the Brooklyn rapper took the witness stand and testified during the trial. After the podcaster called him a “delusional lying ass bozo,” Troy fired back earlier this month on his first diss song, “Black Church.”

Opposition I ruin them/ There’s two sides, you gotta be safe in choosing them/ Ain’t have a safety on since then be smart, though/ When n-ggas dumping, Troy Ave ain’t scared of nothing/ He backed the gun, somehow I sent him running,” the BSB boss rapped on the track.

“I got a lawsuit coming/ You took a life but look at the life this generation is bumming/ I wouldn’t wanna live like that/ Back to Live Nation and my $32 million, no tax.”