Trina has opened up about the rumors surrounding her friendship with Tory Lanez, to whom she was alleged to be romantically linked after a series of collaborations.

During the Diamond Princess’ appearance on Caresha Please, Yung Miami asked her about her past relationships with other public figures, including Lil Wayne and French Montana. When the conversation turned to Tory Lanez, Trina made it clear that the two were just friends, but that she was definitely aware that he was interested in more.

“We wasn’t dating. Tory was just my friend but he liked me,” she explained. “And I just felt like, I met Tory at a weird time, like right after the whole French debacle, the whole situation. And I met him through just other friends that came to the studio. I was in this space like, ‘Ok, I gotta work.'”

She went on to explain that their initial connection was over music, after Tory was brought to one of her studio sessions. The friendship grew once Trina learned that he was actually the artist whose vocals her team had been trying to replace on a reference track she had received from a producer.

“I was so shamed, ’cause I had already liked it, I liked the guy on the song,” she recalled. “But I get it, when it come to the label, we gotta put somebody with a bigger name to make the song bigger. So we ended up meeting and we clicked, and he was just a cool person. He was real young; and I was real advanced and I’m not with the shits.”

According to Trina, while the two did spend some time together, Tory Lanez never directly approached her about being more than friends. Instead, he led with the music, which yielded two collaborations: 2014’s “Fuck Love” and “Damn” in 2017.

“I was drawn to that energy,” she said. “I was at a space where I was down and I needed to work. And I liked what he was doing. But at the end of the day, he was also real aggressive and growing and trying to be his own artist. And I respect him for doing that.”

The “Original City Girl” also took the opportunity to clarify that “Fuck Love” wasn’t necessarily written about French Montana, despite the timing of the song’s release. The track was released shortly after the two rappers’ relationship ended and French seemed to quickly move into a new situation with Khloe Kardashian.

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“When I took the song from him, that was a song that he had did years previous to meeting me,” Trina added. “But at my time, it was right after the whole situation with French or whatever so everybody thought, oh he’s really talking about him. No, it was a song that came to me that had value to where I was at in my space.”

While she hasn’t announced any forthcoming new music, Trina’s Caresha Please interview comes just weeks ahead of the inaugural Trina’s Rockstar Music Festival, which is set to take place at Dezerland Park Miami on February 11.

The concert’s line up will bring together Southern Hip Hop OGs like Trick Daddy and Boosie Badazz with up-and-coming talent including Saucy Santana, KenTheMan and Dess Dior.