The-Dream has crowned his 2007 album Love/Hate the best R&B album of all time as he celebrates the project’s 15th anniversary.

The comments came on Twitter, where the famed R&B singer and writer said the project – which donned the Top 40 singles “Shawty Is a 10,” “Falsetto” and “I Luv Your Girl” – couldn’t be topped.

“Love Hate 15 Years Ago today The—Dream did something no one has done since,” he wrote on Monday (December 11). “Drop the best RandB album, no skips.They call him a ghost writer, clearly he’s not a ghost at all. Happy 15th Anniversary.”

Love/Hate charted at No. 30 on the Billboard 200, moving 59,000 copies in its first week. The album was eventually certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and is often regarded by critics as one of the most influential R&B projects from its era.

In the years since, The-Dream has mostly turned towards songwriting, and in turn, has racked up 14 Grammy nominations due to his talents with the pen.

“Time. Will I end with a voice that has something to say? Am I a guy that can get things done for the people coming behind me,” The-Dream told HipHopDX about his legacy in 2020. “How can I make it last forever.”

As a singer, he most recently dropped SXTP 4 in 2020, which he told DX he enjoyed creating.

The-Dream Checks Renowned Songwriter Diane Warren After Perceived Beyoncé Snub

The-Dream Checks Renowned Songwriter Diane Warren After Perceived Beyoncé Snub

“The hardest thing? There was nothing hard at all about it to be honest because it was fun,” he said. “I’m working and there were times I was like, ‘That piano, that first one, the note isn’t that. What note is that? It’s a B-flat? Okay, cool. That’s not hitting the right note going into it because the harmonies, it throws the harmonies off.’ I added harmony and that harmony had to be a certain type of way and so, that’s fun for me.

He continued, “Listening back and just trying to like, let me hear the songs. It’s like, ‘Add an 808 at this part. Take it out and send it back to me. Let me hear it in the car now.’ My main shit is I got to get in the car. You play me shit in the studio, that’s cool. I need to get in the car and ride around. If I can’t get in the car, I don’t want to hear this shit.”