Tech N9ne has started off the New Year with news of a soon-to-be new addition to his family as he prepares to become a father for a fourth time.

The Strange Music mogul announced he’s expecting a daughter in an Instagram post on Friday (January 6). While sharing a photo of the baby girl’s sonogram, he also revealed what her name will be.

“WOW man! At 27 weeks Alina Denae looks like she got my lips and nose,” Tech wrote. “Amazing things in creating life.”

You can check out the Strange Music mogul’s post below:

His future daughter will share a similar name with her big sister, Alyia. This will be the fourth child for the 51-year-old, who has two sons and a daughter with ex-wife Lecoya LeJuene. The pair split in 2017 following 22 years of marriage.

Based on the sonogram, the mother appears to be Tech N9ne’s girlfriend, Kristen, who he began dating after the divorce.

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In 2018, a woman slid in Kristen’s DMs on Instagram claiming that Tech fathered a child with her and was paying her to stay quiet. Making sure to nip the rumor in the bud, the Kansas City native shared a photo with Kristen and denied any such claims.

“Bitches say Alot of ill shit to my chick in her DM to try and darken our everlasting light but yesterday an unknown bitch sent a pic of a new born baby sayin I was PAYING her to keep it quiet and she was tired of hiding a baby boy that was supposed to be mine!” Tech N9ne wrote. “HAAAAA its a lot of things I’ve been in my past but NOT NARE NONE OF EM, was a sucka or a deadbeat!

“I got 3 kids bitch and they aint kids no mo! Demons don’t wanna see us shine but there’s no ONE, that can separate myself and @krizieluv but us 2! We Live for Love Light and Laughter! You evil doers should try and do the same or LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE! Peace! Lol #BUTTHEKIDISNOTMYSON Thank you MJ.”