Talib Kweli and Madlib have blessed late night television with a performance of one of the singles from their latest album, Liberation 2.

On Tuesday (March 21), both Talib Kweli and Madlib stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “Air Quotes” featuring Diani. Prior to Kweli rapping his verse, his son Amani performed a riveting poem to open up the show.

On the track, Talib Kweli raps about holding those accountable who are attempting to bastardize Hip Hop culture. With each bar, the Black Star rapper flows effortlessly over the backdrop of Madlib’s soulful production.

“I’m outta this so-called “artist/ The definition of toxic/ Tryna advertise the ignorance/ Mission accomplished/ I promise it’s so much more than just makin’ a product/ I‘m an artist/ You’re a creator of content,” he raps during the performance.

After Kweli was finished, his daughter Diani came and tore the stage down. With both of his kids in tow, it appears as if mics don’t fall too far from a legendary MC’s hands.

Check out the performance below:

Talib Kweli and Madlib’s album Liberation 2 was released earlier this month. In a 4.5-rated review of the project, HipHopDX‘s Riley Wallace called it “a great reminder of what a well-thought-out, unrushed creative process can produce.”

The review continued: “It shouldn’t be overstated how difficult it is to craft a project over a decade, especially given how fundamentally the world has changed since 2013. Given that there were at least two trips to Africa during the creative process, among other global ideological shifts and rifts, there were a lot of opportunities for the project to splinter or grow too large in scope.”

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Talib Kweli Details Almost Being Arrested On AA Flight Due To Baggage Dispute

“Instead, it remains concise; their journey to Africa is central to the project, notably in the international collaboration ‘Nat Turner,’ featuring South African MC Cassper Nyovest and Seun Kuti–son of the iconic Fela Kuti.

The song’s intro, a subtle nod to N.W.A.’s ‘Message to B.A.’ and Ice Cube’s ‘No Vaseline’ (using the same “here’s what they think about you” setup), sets the tone for what serves as the album’s most sonically menacing track, tackling oppression and race relations.”

Liberation 2 was released exclusively on Luminary, a subscription-based podcast network.