Symba has revealed that he’s got a connection to 2Pac thanks to a friend’s mother and her very special relationship with the Hip Hop legend.

Taking to his Twitter on Thursday (May 25), the “Never End Up Broke” rapper told the world that his friend’s mother had sex with ‘Pac back in the day — but it didn’t quite get the response he thought it would.

“Damn, Me and my homie just found out his mom fucked 2pac…[laughing face emoji],” he wrote. But he didn’t give any further details about who the “homie” in question was, nor who the mother of the homie was, or when the alleged rendezvous occurred.

Actor Page Kennedy, who played Percy in Snowfall, was one of the first to comment. “Oh that’s fire. What else is fire if you give me that verse lol,” he wrote.

DJ Vlad also weighed in, snarking that he’d like to sit down with his friend’s mama for his eponymous channel if she’d be willing to tell her story. “So… Symba’s friend’s mother… welcome to VladTV. Tell me about how you “met” 2Pac…,” he wrote.

Check out the tweets below:

While 2Pac was a notorious ladies man during his heyday, Symba seems to be following in his footsteps today.

Last month, the Bay Area rapper tried to shoot his shot at video-vixen-turned-podcaster Melyssa Ford, but she didn’t take the bait.

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Drake's Toilets Automatically Play 2Pac, Lil Yachty Reveals: 'It's So Annoying'

Symba stopped by The Joe Budden Podcast for a lengthy interview, but took a moment to make his feelings known to Ford, who currently co-hosts Budden’s show. “She don’t know me, but I’m a real fan of her,” Symba said in a clip last month.

“Oh, thank you,” Ford replied sweetly, before the Bay Area native continued showering her with compliments, eventually making her a cheeky offer.

“Not even just from being here. From her Hollywood Unlocked days, from your earlier career,” he added. “And I heard you been looking for a young boy to take you out and run around the city.”

While the clip didn’t show Ford’s full response, it did capture the gobsmacked expression on her face as Joe Budden and the rest of her co-hosts reveled in Symba’s advances.