Suge Knight allegedly slapped Jermaine Dupri on the infamous night of the Big Jake Robles shooting in 1995 – according to a new interview with Diddy‘s former bodyguard, Gene Deal.

In a sit-down with The Art of Dialogue published on Thursday (February 2), Deal once again dispelled the long-standing rumors that Diddy’s then-bodyguard Wolf (who has since passed away) killed Big Jake – who was a close friend and bodyguard of Suge.

The shooting went down at a birthday party JD was throwing in Atlanta at the time. The producer has claimed in interviews before that it was Wolf was who killed Jake – but Deal said JD is a liar, however, and was allegedly elsewhere licking his wounds from being slapped at the time the shooting went down.

“Jermaine Dupri is a liar and the truth ain’t in him,” Deal began. “He ain’t see a damn thing. That night at that party, he was in the fucking upstairs with Dallas Austin because Suge had slapped the shit outta him too.

“The night all that shit happened when they say Suge slapped Puff – see I wasn’t around then,” he continued. “This is what I was told. So I’ma be honest with that shit, but I know for a fact Jermaine Dupri did not see what was going on because he didn’t know what the fuck was going on.”

“Now this is what I was told by Wolf and I said this a long time ago – Wolf never killed Jake. That was all propaganda that they was trying to start up to say the Bad Boy/East Coast/West Coast shit.”

Deal went on to say that Big Jake was really killed by a man named Jason after he heard Jake and Suge talking crazy to his girlfriend.

“Jake was talking to Jason’s girl Nicole,” Deal said. “She from the West Coast. I got pictures with her and her crew and 112 because they used to always hang with Wolf and them.”

“Jason is from the Valley. So now Suge Knight and your man Jake said to Nicole, ‘Oh you sucking them East Coast n-ggas dicks?’ And they talking crazy to her. Jason said something to her. Buju Banton told the dude Jake, ‘Me no watch no television. I’m not no fan of yours.'”

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He continued: “Jason wait until the n-gga came outside and shot him. Jermaine Dupri was nowhere around, bruh. Mark Curry even said that Jermaine Dupri was upstairs in the club with muthafuckin’ Dallas Austin. There’s no way he could have saw it. They lied on Wolf all these years.”

HipHopDX has reached out to Jermaine Dupri for comment.

In a 2003 lawsuit by a former business partner of Diddy’s named Kirk Burrowes, he alleged that Diddy approved Jake’s murder in 1995 and claimed that a local sheriff, who was later killed in a car accident, identified Wolf as the shooter.

However, no actual charges ever came down on Wolf or anyone for that matter in the Big Jake killing.