St. Louis rapper Woozy The Goat has been accused of murdering his grandparents after allegedly having a mental breakdown.

According to a TMZ report on Friday (March 24), the aspiring artist (real name Davionne McRoberts) walked into a Missouri-based psych ward covered in blood earlier this week and confessed to the murders of Donald and Kathy McRoberts.

The elderly couple had been found dead in their home on Tuesday (March 21), prompting St. Louis police to launch a search for Woozy. According to the report, the rapper had suffered some sort of mental breakdown and shot his grandparents, but police have not yet determined if there was an additional motive.

In the days leading up to the murders, Woozy The Goat reportedly posted some disturbing messages on his Facebook account. One of them read: “WHO WANNA DIE TODAY? Y’all don’t believe me? Come show me I’m not god.”

Another said: “Hey I really am god truly everyone I’m trying to help you all but I came to terms y’all got too comfy in hell I’m not trying to take peoples money when I say donate to $WoozyTheGoat I’m trying to show y’all new life.”

A similar disturbing story occurred in 2013 when a 23-year-old aspiring Chicago rapper had his mother killed, though his motive appeared directly tied to money.

Ex-Rich The Kid Artist J $tash Kills Himself & Mother-Of-3 With Young Children Still In The House

Ex-Rich The Kid Artist J $tash Kills Himself & Mother-Of-3 With Young Children Still In The House

After hiring a hitman to take his mother out, Young QC (real name Qaw’mane Wilson) drained her bank accounts and at one point, customized the Mustang she had given him with gull-wing doors. In a YouTube video posted to his account in May 2013, he walked into a Chase Bank where he withdrew $20,000 and then tossed it into the air for his fans to collect.

In 2020, QC was sentenced to 99 years in prison while the shooter, Eugene Spencer, received 100 years.

QC, now 30, “merely nodded” when the judge announced the sentence. Despite his actions, QC said: “I just want to say, nobody loved my mother more than me. She was all I had. That’s it.”