Soulja Boy has waged war on New Jersey after fans in the Garden State chose food stamps over having dinner with him in a recent viral video.

On Wednesday (March 22), 856 Entertainment posted a video of New Jersey radio host DJ Promo asking random women if they would rather receive $250 in food stamps or dine with Big Draco — a play on the “dinner with JAY-Z or $500K?” meme.

The majority of the women in the video opted for the first option, with some even explaining their decision in brutally honest fashion.

“Imma pick the food stamps only because Soulja Boy is a nobody. I can have dinner by myself,” one woman answered.

Another said: “Give me the food stamps. I can make chicken alfredo.”

The comments under the video itself were mixed, with some people saying that they would take the dinner with Soulja Boy for business purposes, while others chose the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit.

Once Soulja Boy caught wind of the video, he responded emphatically with a profane-filled rant aimed at the women in the aforementioned clip, along with the state of New Jersey.

“All y’all n-ggas can die! Who got a problem wit’ it, n-gga?” he barked on Instagram Live. “Fuck you talmbout? Y’all n-ggas got me fucked up, boy. Y’all bitch n-ggas better stop playing wit my name, n-gga. I ain’t never coming to y’all city, n-gga. Pussy ass n-ggas. Ya’ll got me fucked up, n-gga.”

Juicy J Sparks '$500K Or Dinner?' Debate - With A Stoner Twist

Juicy J Sparks '$500K Or Dinner?' Debate - With A Stoner Twist

He then referenced Chief Keef’s terroristic threat against the Garden State on “Faneto,” saying: “I knew Sosa was onto something when he said he gonna come blow New Jersey up … Suck my dick, nigga. Get all you n-ggas murked. Don’t ever say my name in your pussy ass video, n-gga … I’ll come blow that shit up, n-gga. Fuck New Jersey and everything y’all stand for!”

Check out his response below:

While Soulja Boy may not be the top choice for dinner reservations, he himself has proven that confidence can take you a long way, including proclaiming to be the first at many feats.

Last month, the “Crank That” rapper claimed to be the first Hip Hop artist to “take over” America.

Big Draco made the claim on Instagram Live while showcasing a Renaissance-era painting he had done of himself. In the painting, Soulja can be seen donning an all-white get-up alongside a few patriots.

“Soulja gang, n-gga. Y’all n-ggas bitches. First rapper to come to America, take this shit over, n-gga. Stop playing with me, n-gga,” he said during the broadcast. “Bentleys on deck, Lambo trucks on deck. Y’all n-ggas pussy, n-gga. Stop playing.”