Slim Thug has made the bold claim that people’s “Blackness is up for debate” if you haven’t seen a list of certain movies.

Speaking on Instagram, the veteran rapper put together a detailed list of movies Black people needed to see.



“If you ain’t seen Purple Rain, Boyz n the Hood, Menace II Society, Juice, Poetic Justice, Friday… if you ain’t seen any of them movies and you Black, your Blackness is up for debate,” he said.

“You ain’t really accepted yet. We gotta talk to you about that. You can’t even be culturally Black without seeing them movies. Straight up like that, man, we questioning it.”

Most of Slim’s list comes from the so-called Golden Age of Black cinema in the 1990s with the exception of 1984 musical Purple Rain, which accompanied Prince’s album of the same name.

Fans also hopped in the comments to offer their own suggestions.

One pointed out the lack of Spike Lee movies on Slim’s list: “Do The Right Thing and Malcom X should have been at the top of the list.”



Another joked: “My girl questioned my blackness just yesterday because I never seen The Color Purple in its entirety ( just bits and pieces) and never seen Crooklyn at all.”

Someone else commented: “New Jack City as well fam,” as did others who were surprised the gangster classic that has been a perennial Hip Hop favorite was left off the list.

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Other films that were highlighted by fans included Hype Williams’ Belly, comedy House Party, Baby Boy starring Tyrese and Snoop Dogg and 1980s crime movie Colors.



Thug recently revealed that he is a fan of a different kind of movie and was looking forward to using the Apple Vision Pro to make his dreams come true.

Exploring the virtual reality device on his Instagram, the rapper commented: “This shit crazy, man. I got OnlyFans on right now. Bitch is like six foot — I could see this hoe’s pimples.”

He continued: “You know how you used to take a panoramic pic and it used to be just a straight pic? Now this muthafucka like, you could see the whole shit around you.”