Safaree has addressed rumors about Nicki Minaj once chasing him with a knife, carefully distancing himself from the story.

The former Hood$tars MC stopped by The Jason Lee Show on Wednesday (March 27), during which the host asked him about a the aforementioned hearsay, which has been making the rounds online for a while now.

“Do you remember,” he asked. “I heard allegedly there’s a video out there of [Nicki] chasing you around with a knife and bashing up your cars.”



The 42-year-old responded: “Jason, you are really like a super … you just know everybody’s business, I just don’t understand how. I don’t know nothing about nobody.”

After a pause, he attempted to shut down the conversation with: “Yo, I don’t know…”

The Hollywood Unlocked founder went on to say that if Safaree was indeed denying the video’s existence, he would broadcast it on the show, which would have the MC feeling “some type of way.”



He also added: “I heard that she was chasing you with a knife. I don’t know how it was being filmed — maybe you were filming it — but I heard then she destroyed your vehicles.”

Safaree replied: “Oh my god, this guy Jason is crazy!”

The host kept probing him, saying: “Did that happen? Or was it Roman?”

This prompted the New York City rapper to laugh, following which Lee suggested that someone on Nicki’s team prevented the clip from seeing the light of day.



Safaree continued to avoid the story, saying: “How did I get here?”

He eventually answered part of the question with, “No, I wasn’t almost killed! Listen, everybody in relationships go through stuff,” to which Lee added: “I’ve never been chased by a knife.”

The MC ended the interrogation by diminishing the decade old encounter, adding: “I don’t wanna have nothing to do with nothing from that old.”

Check out the “Paradise” hitmaker’s reply at the 10:33 mark below:

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Safaree Addresses Nicki Minaj Knife Claims

Safaree and Nicki have had a volatile relationship, but the former still has fond memories of their time together.

Earlier this year, he shared another reminder of just how far back he and Nicki Minaj really go, proving that their partnership was more than just romantic.

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In early January, the Love & Hip Hop star took to his Instagram Stories to share a video of his ex-girlfriend spitting a verse back when they were in the same rap group. Safaree, who also appeared in the clip, took the opportunity to brandish his own skills on the mic in the video.



“Safaree got bars,” read the caption. “We all gotta start somewhere.”

Both rappers dated for over a decade starting in 2003, finally calling it quits in 2014.