Robin Thicke had quite the time during a night out at a West Hollywood club this week, and was spotted drunk and stumbling outside afterward alongside his fiancée.

In a clip captured by TMZ on Thursday night (September 7), the “Blurred Lines” singer can be seen nearly falling into a bush outside The Fleur Club as he walks away from a seemingly-annoyed April Love Gary.



After Robin Thicke almost falls over, Gary calls him “embarrassing” and tells the doorperson not to let him back in because his “bitch-ass is so drunk.” The couple then hang out on the sidewalk until they leave in a black SUV.

You can check out the clip below:

While some might expect Robin Thicke to be nursing a hangover following his night on the town, he made sure to let fans know on Instagram that this wasn’t the case.

“Sunshine!” the singer captioned a photograph of himself enjoying a shitless stroll alongside the beach on Friday (September 8).

Fans in the comment section were quick to bring up his night out. “How was the hangover….lol,” one person wrote, while another added: “Sunshine is good for hangovers.”

In other news, Robin Thicke recently broke down his surprising musical connection to one of the most influential Hip Hop artists of his generation, Lil Wayne.

During a May episode of Drink Champs, the crooner touched on his relationship with Hip Hop, recalling the moment he believed the Young Money executive was the next big thing.

“We were genuine fans of each other before we blew,” Thicke told hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. “Like, when I heard ‘Go DJ’ — I mean, you know, he was already blowing up. But when I heard ‘Go DJ,’ I was like, ‘This is the next biggest artist, period.’”

Tyler, The Creator Shows Love To Robin Thicke’s Son For Cute ‘See You Again’ Cover

Tyler, The Creator Shows Love To Robin Thicke’s Son For Cute ‘See You Again’ Cover

“I told Andre Harrell, and he was like, ‘You think so?’” Thicke continued. “I was like, ‘Trust me, Dre, this is the one.’ So, coincidentally, he just reached out to me. The first song on my debut album A Beautiful World – which it’s the 20th anniversary of — he heard this song called ‘Oh Shooter’ on my debut album. He just hit me up out of nowhere and was like, ‘Yo, I love this record. Can you send me the tracks? Do you mind if I do something with it?’”

From there, the reworked version — featured on Tha Carter II and Thicke’s The Evolution of Robin Thicke — was born.



“The first time that Lil Wayne ever did The Tonight Show – and the first time I ever did The Tonight Show – we did it together,” he added. “The first time either one of us performed at the Grammys, we performed together. So him and I have a real history together.”

Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke have collaborated several times, including “Tie My Hands,” “Pretty Lil’ Heart,” and the aforementioned “Shooter.”