Rich Homie Quan came up under the tutelage of Gucci Mane in the mid-2010s, but he didn’t realize just how much greatness he was surrounded by at the time.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Quan recalled a time early in his career when Gucci had him record at least 10 songs a night at his A&R house in Atlanta which had three different studios.



It wasn’t just the “Type of Way” rapper pulling up either as he was frequently joined by rappers under Gucci Mane’s farm system, those who helped shape Atlanta’s sound at the time, such as his Rich Gang running mate Young Thug and Migos.

Other rhymers that were friends of Gucci’s from outside the city took note like the late Young Dolph, who made appearances too.

“Gucci had a studio of Moreland and Memorial in Atlanta,” he told DX. “That was the first time I met Migos as well. R.I.P. to Takeoff. We’d all be up there in this one room on the couch and Gucci would have three different rooms in there. I had met Thug then but the first song we recorded was ‘Get the Fuck Out My Face.'”

Rich Homie Quan joked about how Gucci would “kidnap” him to keep him at the studio for hours on end to make sure he recorded songs.

“Gucci gon’ kidnap you,” he quipped. “[Gucci Mane] gon’ get you in and you gon’ do 10 songs before you’re able to go home. He got different producers pulling up he had like three rooms in the house. He may have Dun Deal upstairs, he may have Honorable C-Note in the other room.”

Although it’s unlikely Lil Dicky made an appearance at Gucci’s house studio, Quan reflected on his 2015 “$ave Dat Money” collab with the Dave star in another part of the interview where he compared Dicky to Kanye West creatively.

“Lil Dicky… he doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves,” Quan told DX. “His mind… he reminds me of a Kanye — and I say that in a good way. Not Kanye Kanye, but perfectionist Kanye, you know what I’m saying?



“When he first sent it, I was like… I didn’t know who Lil Dicky was. And that’s nothing against Dicky because I fell in love with him, man. He’s one of my Hip Hop friends, a good friend with a great heart.”