Reason has taken a daring approach for his next marketing campaign and is asking Janelle Monáe to use a set of her body parts in the most hysterical, but respectful manner.

In an Instagram post on Friday (May 19), the TDE signee uploaded a screenshot of a voice note that he sent over to the Grammy-nominated singer via DM.



“Hey Queen,” Reason began. “Um, I just wanted to ask respectfully, in the most endearing respectful way, I want to know if I can borrow ya titties for my rollout. I know this is asking a lot, but I’ve seen what your titties did for your rollout and I’m in need.”

“I’m in need of help for content every single day, Tik Tok, the algorithm is changing, the label wants me to go viral and I saw, it’s a very nice pair of titties also by the way, I saw what those titties did for you, but I was just wondering if you had a daily fee for your titties for my rollout. Um, let me know. I hope you don’t take this any type of way. Just a business transaction. All love. Respect to you queen.”



The multi-talented artist has yet to respond but the comments section filled with people that were theorizing about how Janelle would react to such a request. One user said, “let me know the price when you get it,” while another one added, “I hope she responds bro.”

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Over the past few weeks, Janelle Monáe has launched a NSFW campaign for her upcoming album, The Age of Pleasure. Recently, she took to Twitter where she shared the cover art for the highly anticipated project.

“The Age of Pleasure. 6/9,” she wrote alongside the cover art, which features the 37-year-old submerged underwater, while swimming topless between the legs of her friends.

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The tweet also came with a pre-order link for the June album.

“Creative Direction: yours truly, @chucklightning, Photographer: @MasonLovesRoses, Production: Briana Garrido — art direction & design: Joe R Perez, Free Marseille,” she added in an additional thread, showing love to the creative minds behind the album cover.

Meanwhile, fans were seemingly delighted to kick off their weekend with yet another thirst trap.



“Dear Janelle, Every time I see you, my heart beats faster than a cheetah chasing a gazelle. You make my knees weak like mom’s spaghetti. I can’t resist your charm and wit, it’s like you sprinkle fairy dust wherever you go. I know we’ve only just met, but I feel like we have a connection stronger than the gravitational pull of the moon,” one fan began in a lengthy response.

“I want to spend every moment with you, exploring new places and trying new things. Whether it’s jumping out of airplanes or just cuddling on the couch, I know we’ll have a blast. I hope this letter finds you well, and that you feel the same way about me. If not, I’ll just have to resort to serenading you with my guitar. Yours truly, MKB,” they concluded.

“Album cover of the year,” commented another user, co-signing the album art.