Papoose has been appointed the Head of Hip Hop at TuneCore and is already hard at work in his new executive role.

On Tuesday (January 24), a thrilled Pap made the announcement in front of a billboard advertising his new role in the heart of NYC’s Times Square.

Today we announce my transition from artist to executive,” he wrote on Instagram. “As ‘Head of hip hop’ at the best distributor in the world. @tunecore I’m feeling truly blessed, humbled, & honored by this amazing opportunity.

The Brooklyn native added his new email address for potential clients and artists to contact him about TuneCore’s services. “If you’re serious about following your dream. Email me God is the Greatest!!”


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The congratulatory messages continued to pour in via Pap’s comment section from the likes of Fat Joe, DJ Premier, Busta Rhymes, Jermaine Dupri, Ghostface Killah, Nems and more.

Papoose shared another post from his office chair where he reflected on his journey and how he’s looking forward to using all of his experiences in the rap game to help artists navigate the business side.

“It feels great to take all of my experiences, everything I’ve been through, all of my hard work [and] turned it into something positive and give it back to the up-and-coming artists,” he said.

“[It’s] very important. Follow your dreams and now you got someone in position who knows what it’s like to be an artist, who knows how hard it is, who knows how discouraging it could be at times.”


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TuneCore is a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in independent distribution, publishing and licensing deals for emerging artists.

Russ is someone who has long championed TuneCore as an avenue for revenue where artists can fairly profit off their music rather than focus on making deals with major record labels.

Russ Explains Why He Turned Down $50M Offer For His Catalog

In July last year, Russ posted account balances to Instagram showing off the money he’s made from TuneCore and his own distribution, then compared them to the minuscule first check he received from TuneCore in 2012.

“Inspirational purposes only,” he wrote. “April 2022. Half a million made off indie catalogue, just the master side. First slide is from my own distribution, second slide is Tunecore. Last slide is my first check ever independent. Make what you want. Stay consistent. Own it.”

Russ then added in his comment section, “Took 10 years but went from 29 cents to $500k. It’s possible.”