NBA YoungBoy has finally addressed the critics that have had something to say about him using nail polish and showing it off recently.

The superstar rapper was on Instagram Live chatting with his fans when he began showing off his new black coat polish adorning his nails. YoungBoy took a second to address the critics who weren’t feeling his new nails and told them he’s not sweating the criticisms.

“Everybody want to talk about my nails,” YoungBoy said as he showed them off during the live stream. “I done fucked them up, huh. You heard me, everybody want to play with the Slime, but it’s all good.”

He added: “You know I’m a big troll, as long as I ain’t no bitch troll. You can talk about my nails all you want, bitch. I know somebody who wish they could paint they nails right now…So mama, how do you think I should go about this because you hurt my feelings, I ain’t never do none of y’all anything.”

YoungBoy then rushed off and ended the call once he realized how many people were tuning into his live stream. He didn’t specifically mention any names, but many fans were looking at Soulja Boy, who went on Instagram Live over the weekend and addressed rappers that wear nail polish and lipstick.

“I don’t put fingernail polish on my nails I don’t do – this is chapstick,” Soulja Boy said on IG Live while holding up his chapstick in response to a fan who asked why he was “putting lipstick on.”

“Why don’t you go on your favorite rapper live and ask him why he got fingernail polish on? Or ask him why he got lipstick on?” he continued. “Nah, you wanna come to a real n-gga live, a real gangsta and play with a n-gga talking about some chapstick, man. Stop playing.

“But when your real favorite rapper put fingernail polish on his nails, y’all don’t see that shit huh? Y’all don’t see that though, huh? He a gangsta, right? … Y’all like to play with the real n-ggas, go play with the… n-ggas that actually put shit on they’re nails.”

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NBA YoungBoy’s comments come a week after he displayed his new nail color along with a look at his Grim Reaper chain. People had a hard time with the new look and were calling YoungBoy zesty and other names for coloring his fingernails.

In 2021, YoungBoy debuted the music video for “Black Ball,” which showed him wearing makeup. DJ Akademiks asked NBA YoungBoy about the inspiration behind wearing the makeup in the video during a Clubhouse room conversation which he explained makes him feel comfortable.

“I like painting my face, putting makeup on,” he said. “I like to look in the mirror and see everything black. Like my eyes and shit. That’s one hundred percent real! That’s me being myself. I feel comfortable that way. That’s some shit from MAC [Cosmetics] I made my engineer go buy. It give me like the goth feeling, like rockstars.”

NBA YoungBoy isn’t the only rapper to don nail polish as several of his peers have done the same thing, such as A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi and more. In 2020, Lil Yachty launched his own all-gender fingernail polish line called Crete. However, he is no longer in the nail industry, announcing his departure earlier this month.