MC Lyte has been selected by the Hip Hop Alliance to celebrate her inspirational career and how she helped pave the way for future generations of female emcees.

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, the Hip-Hop Alliance, which strives to help musicians earn fair wages, royalties, health benefits, etc., has chosen to shine a spotlight on MC Lyte as part of its new segment, “Legendary Flowers.” On Saturday (March 25), the organization — helmed by Kurtis Blow, KRS-One and Chuck D, among others — shared the announcement via Instagram.

MC Lyte, who also happens to be the organization’s vice-president, has been a pioneer for women in Hip Hop since the late 1980s, breaking down barriers and inspiring future female rappers. The Brooklyn native was the first female solo rapper to release a full album with 1988’s Lyte as a Rock.

“Introducing LEGENDARY FLOWERS, a new segment by the Hip Hop Alliance where we honor and celebrate the trailblazers and icons of our beloved Hip Hop culture,” the caption read. “In our first installment during Women’s Month, we’re excited to celebrate the unstoppable force that is our very own Vice President of the Hip Hop Alliance – MC Lyte.”

The post continued: “MC Lyte’s incredible career spans decades, with her thought-provoking lyrics, unmatched flow, and undeniable stage presence that has inspired millions. As a relentless advocate for women’s rights and social justice, she has consistently used her platform to empower others and spark change.”

In other MC Lyte news, her divorce from John Wyche was officially finalized in January. The rapper will keep her music catalog thanks to a prenup.

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MC Lyte Says DJ Akademiks’ ‘Dusty’ Comments Are Proof 'There's More To Learn'

According to The Blast, who obtained the official divorce documents, along with her catalog and “other creative property, including royalties in connection with her creative works,” Lyte will keep everything she went into the marriage with.

“MC Lyte keeps her clothing, jewelry, watches, and personal effects in her possession, custody, or control, and earnings and accumulations before the date of marriage, during the marriage, and post-separation, her Subaru, financial accounts in her name, all furniture, furnishings, and other personal property in her possession, custody, or control,” the docs read. “She also gets to keep her term life insurance policy.”

Each party waived their right to spousal support. Lyte married Wyche, a Marine Corps veteran and entrepreneur, in August 2017. The pair split five months later in January 2018, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

“Irreconcilable differences have arisen between the parties, which have led to the irremediable breakdown of the marriage, making it impossible for the parties to live together as husband and wife,” the docs state.