Ludacris has revealed that he has a new album coming out next year — and this album will be his first since 2015’s Ludaverse.

In a sneak peek of his upcoming appearance on The Tamron Hall Show on Tuesday (May 16), the artist formerly known as Chris Lova Lova revealed a few details that fans will be delighted about.

“We’re definitely gonna get some music before the end of this year,” he said to the longtime journalist. “I would say an album, probably next year.”

When he was asked why fans had to wait so long for a new Ludacris album, the rapper-turned-actor blamed the success of the Fast & Furious franchise. “They keep shooting more movies. What am I supposed to do?”

He continued: “When I was young, I feel like some of my favorite rappers, once they get to a certain point, it’s almost like you wish that they were still kind of hungry and you feel like they don’t have it necessarily like they used to. I never wanted to be that. So it’s extremely important for me to prove to people that even though I’m doing all this other stuff, make no mistake, I still got it, and I’m still as hungry.”

Ludacris is definitely still hungry for more when it comes to his rap career.

Last month, he showed his fans in Ghana that he’s still got what it takes to make a splash onstage when he spit a wild freestyle.

Ludacris Turns Draymond Green's Stomp On Domantas Sabonis Into Meme Gold

Ludacris Turns Draymond Green's Stomp On Domantas Sabonis Into Meme Gold

The Atlanta titan shared the video via Instagram with a caption that didn’t indicate what fans could expect from the video, but rather simply read: “Live From The Motherland Accra Ghana [Ghanaian flag emoji][fist emoji].”

Kicking the verse off with his signature drop, Luda proceeds to run through a variety of topics, including a Virgil Abloh shoutout and a reminder that he gets “paid millions just to hype crowds.”

“Tuck your chain you lookin’ funny style,” Ludacris raps while rocking a goat piece on a pricey chain of his own. “And all the while one of my earrings cost a hundred thou/ But nowadays I drop the jewelry just to drop some jewels/ I’d rather build with architects than go and shop with fools/ The proper rules get broken provoking marathons/ Lyrics deeper than Jason Statham chasing a megalodon.”