Lola Brooke was thrilled to see her girl GloRilla take the stage at the 2023 Grammy Awards for the Hip Hop 50 tribute – but she would have appreciated seeing Lil Kim up there as well.

The pint-sized Brooklyn star was stopped by TMZ on Tuesday (February 7) as she left Los Angeles, and was asked her thoughts on Glo’s performance.

“Big big night,” Lola said. “That’s lit! I feel like I won too ‘cause she winning… If she can do it then we all could do it. Man GloRilla and her friends is legendary. They all fucking legendary. I fuck wit it. I vibe wit it.”

The paparazzi then noted how there was an uproar online about Lil Kim not being asked to take part in the tribute that included fellow legends among the likes of De La Soul, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, Rakim, Method Man, The Lox, Missy Elliott, Nelly and many more. While Lola at first didn’t really understand what he was referring to, she was quick to have Kim’s back anyway.

“Yo Kim, call me,” Lola said. “If you need me, I got your back. Don’t even trip about it. She the greatest. She the biggest. She the biggest by herself. She don’t need anything. I give her her flowers if she need ’em. It’s all good.”

Lola also commented on her forthcoming tour with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, saying, “It’s about to be a movie.”

Lil Kim is in full support of Lola, and even brought her out during a recent show at the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem.

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“I’m so proud of you, baby,” Kim told Lola on stage after she performed her viral hit, “Don’t Play With It.” “I got your fuckin’ back!”

Brooke responded, “This my first time in here, you brought me in here.” She continued: “I Love you, thank you so much this means everything to me.”