Killer Mike and JAY-Z‘s relationship began with their 2002 collab “Poppin Tags” – and Hov is still tapping in to this day.

The Atlanta native was a guest in a new episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast published on Friday (August 11). While reflecting on his relationship with the Roc Nation mogul, Mike shared some praise he sent his way over his recent album, Michael.



“I be tripping out now when I wake up, get up, moving around and see a text from him just out of nowhere,” he said. “Like, ‘Peace God. I see what you did. Just sending some encouragement your way.’ He’s still a very grounded, cool human being. I appreciate all the love and encouragement.”

He continued: “As I was making the record, we sent it to him early and he sent back some real positive notes. He sent back a great compliment. He was like, ‘It feels like I went to my cousin’s house and watched a movie.’ I was really honored. I think it was about a year ago he sent that comment. And we delivered.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, he shared how his feature on JAY-Z’s “Poppin Tags” even came about.

He explained: “I was on the tour bus with Outkast and Big [Boi] came and said, “Aye, Hov just called. He said he got this feature ‘Poppin Tags.’ I told him, ‘I don’t think Dre really wanna do no features right now.’ He said, ‘No, I want the young boy. Killer Mike!'”

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“Originally I was right behind Jay and if you hear it, they clipped it,” Mike also revealed. “I think they put Twista between us. Because I think I showed the fuck out.”

Released in June, Killer Mike’s Michael album was an expensive affair, with the rapper telling Spin that he shelled out $500,000 of his own money trying to bring it to life. However, Cuz Lightyear’s passion for the record made it all worth it.



“So me and Cuz double round, like, all right, let’s just make a mixtape. We’ll put it out through Mass Appeal, that way, it’ll help get you get going over there, he said. “We start working, and Cuz was like, ‘Man, we are making some serious deadly records. I’m gonna tell you what we’re gonna do: your solo record. I’m about to pause my career. And we’re gonna get your solo record together.’”

“It was a Christlike thing to do,” Mike added.

The 14-track effort also features André 3000, Cee-Lo Green, 6LACK, Jagged Edge, Future, Curren$y, 2 Chainz and more. Read HipHopDX‘s review here.