Key Glock is still heartbroken at the loss of his mentor Young Dolph, admitting he finds it “hard to enjoy life” these days following his death, even with his continued music success.

A grieving Glock took to his Twitter early Tuesday (March 28) to reflect on his year-plus journey without Dolph and his guidance.

“My heart gotta deep cut I miss you bruh,” he wrote of his Dum and Dummer collaborator. Hard to enjoy life when you grieving EVERYDAY.”

Check out the tweets below:

With Dolph not around, Key Glock has done his best to put the rest of the Paper Route Empire on his back and continue to build the label’s legacy.

The 25-year-old Memphis native returned in February to deliver his Glockoma 2 sequel album, which came free of features and debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200.

Glock is sticking to his promise of new music arriving every month as he recently announced plans for his Glockoma 2 deluxe edition which will be released in April.

Young Dolph was tragically shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee on November 17, 2021 while picking up cookies for his mother at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. An autopsy revealed the 36-year-old suffered 22 gunshot wounds from bullet entries and exits.

Key Glock Recalls Being Ghosted By Artist After $1M Feature Offer

Key Glock Recalls Being Ghosted By Artist After $1M Feature Offer

Four arrests were made as Jemarcus Johnson, Justin Johnson, Cornelius Griffin and Hernandez Govan remain behind bars on murder charges related to Dolph’s death.

To honor his legacy, November 17 was officially declared Adolph “Young Dolph” Thornton Jr. Day of Service by the state legislatures of Georgia and Tennessee.

“His community efforts and traditions will continue and much more,” Dolph’s sister Carlisa Brown said in November. “His spirit of giving will continue to live in us as it did in him until his passing. We hope that those who truly supported him will take Young Dolph Service Day as a day to give back and help those that need the assistance as he did.”