Juice WRLD‘s music continues to live on despite his passing nearly four years ago, and now he’s reached a significant milestone with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

According to Chart Data, the Legends Never Die rapper has now sold over 100 million RIAA-certified units. A combination of the late rapper’s albums, singles, and features contributed to his music ranking distinction.

Sadly, the talented Chicago native won’t be able to celebrate the feat in the physical after passing away in December 2019 following a seizure induced by drug overdose.

Check out Chart Data‘s tweet about Juice WRLD’s RIAA milestone below:

In other related news, it was reported earlier this month that Juice WRLD’s team is planning to create an updated mural honoring the late rapper after the original artwork was covered up in his hometown.

According to TMZ, Juice’s manager Peter Jideonwo relayed that plans are already in motion to paint another mural in Chicago, which had become a cultural landmark in the city prior to being painted over.

Jideonwo explained their team still doesn’t know who covered the mural and the city’s Street Sanitation Department even took a paint test to prove they weren’t the culprits.

They could even take it a step further with an extensive mural that also provides protection from outsiders. The idea of a statue is also on the table.

Corey Pane crafted the original mural piece in July 2020, which he was commissioned for $50,000 and his comment section was flooded with requests to redo it.

Juice WRLD 'Hated' The Song That Launched His Career, Says Lil Bibby

Juice WRLD 'Hated' The Song That Launched His Career, Says Lil Bibby

On the music front, Lil Bibby, the rapper’s longtime friend and label head, announced earlier this year that the rapper’s final posthumous album was on the way.

“The Last Juice WRLD Album is in the works,” Bibby wrote on Instagram. “We want this album to feel like a Celebration/Party! Let’s celebrate the life of Juice [pray hands, balloon and dove emojis]. ‘No more mourning, I want everyone that Juice loved while he was here to help celebrate, especially his fans who he loved!'”

He continued: “You guys have been the best fans an artist can have (Minus the death threats to Bibby) [laughing, pray hands and heart emojis]. I’m not gonna complain but i’ll jus say this is not easy. We miss you, We love you 999 til the world ends [juice box and world emojis].”