Jim Jones nearly had to tap out of a recent interview early after Lil Baby‘s spicy Rap Snacks potato chips left him sweating profusely.

On Monday (March 13), Hitmaka shared footage from his and Capo’s interview on DJ Self’s Apt. 5H series showing the Harlem native struggling with the heat from Baby’s “All In” Hot Potato Chips. In the clip, Jim wastes no time getting stuck into the bag, but he had no idea how hot the snack would be.

The Dipset member was already sweating once the questions started rolling in, and is seen trying his best to fight through the pain as he continuously wipes the moisture off his face. Jim then likens it to Pookie from New Jack City, who in a famous scene from the film sweats hard after taking a fatal hit of crack cocaine.

“I feel like Pookie right now. This shit got a n-gga sweating bad you heard,” Capo says right before taking off his flannel shirt to try and cool down.

He then concedes: “Fuck this shit, I’m too hot. These shits is hot as hell! These shits is hot as firecrackers. Shit got me sweating and all types of shit.”

Hitmaka spoke on how hilarious the whole scenario was in the caption of his IG post writing: “This is the funniest shit ever! @qcmceo_p@lilbaby This man capo had them chips y’all cooked up and shit went left. I don’t do spicy so I kindly said ‘No Thank You’ but my dawg took it there You like spicy food? Comment and tell me ya shit maybe I’ll try ‘Back In My Prime’ OUT NOW @jimjonescapo.”


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Lil Baby’s “All In” Hot Potato Chips flavor has a combination of ingredients: salt and vinegar, barbecue seasoning, onion, garlic, cayenne pepper and more. Those who would like a less spicy option can try the regular “All In” flavor — which doesn’t contain cayenne pepper — or the “Bar-B-Quin With My Honey Heat” flavor.

Aside from battling the heat from the spicy Rap Snacks chips, Jim Jones dropped some interesting tidbits in his interview with DJ Self. In a behind-the-scenes teaser of the episode released earlier this month, Capo revealed he’s contemplating developing a Dipset TV series that would focus on the Harlem crew’s early days before the fame.

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“You got a talk show, I’m about to give you the Dipset 5H TV series,” Jim told DJ Self. “I think I’m a do that ’cause the shit that went on in 5H before we became the players we were, you n-ggas need to see.”

He added: “We was reckless. Young, dumb and stupid, but we was having a ball.”

Meanwhile, Jim Jones has crowned Drake the greatest rapper of all time during an interview last week and he has a solid argument to back it up.

“I would say he’s the greatest of all time,” Jim told Complex. “I would just give that to him. And I mean, there’s a lot of people from the beginning and people that invented Hip Hop, I know. But the greatest of all time, it’s a big statement, and the relevancy that he keeps showing year after year, hit after hit, record after record.

He added: “Any song that he has put out has seemed to go multiple platinum. That’s never happened before in history.”