Jadakiss has recalled Biggie‘s strict rule when it came to giving each other props.

During his recent appearance on The Starting Five podcast, the Yonkers rapper reflected on his relationship with The Notorious B.I.G. and how he took on the role as the studio bartender.

“We had this thing where we couldn’t talk about each other’s craft or we couldn’t say how dope we were to each other,” he said. “Like, ‘Let’s talk about anything else except that.’ He was super down to earth. I mean, unbelievably down to earth.

“You could come into his session, he always wanted to make you a drink, he thought he was a bartender. ‘Playboy, you drinking?’ He wanted to make your drink for you, not like tell somebody, ‘Cease, make him a drink!'”

He added: “He’d get the ice, get the stirrers, all that. He’d wanna make you a Malibu, so he was just extra golden.”

Jadakiss talked more about Biggie as a person outside of rap and the intel on Diddy he gave The LOX when the group signed to Bad Boy Records.

“[He was] incredible,” he said. “He had a sense of humor, he loved music. Speaking of Mobb Deep, he loved listening to whatever was out, whatever was dope.

“He sheltered the [Junior] M.A.F.I.A. — [Lil’] Kim, [Lil’] Cease and all of them — he wanted to see them succeed, he wanted to see them flourish. He understood the business, he understood where he wanted to be five years from when he passed from us.

“He gave us a lot of knowledge on Puff [Daddy], like, ‘He’s gonna get on your nerves, but he’s gonna make you a star. He’s gonna make you do some stuff you don’t want, but you gon’ be good at the end. Just trust me.’

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Jadakiss Names Nas, Biggie & More Among Top 5 Voices In Hip Hop

“Before we met him, it was like far-fetched to meet him. Then after we met him, he instantly made [The LOX] like family.”

After signing to Bad Boy in 1996, The LOX first teamed up with Biggie on “You’ll See” that year and went on to appear on “Last Day” off his Life After Death album in 1997.

They also collaborated on Diddy’s No Way Out track “It’s All About the Benjamins” alongside Lil’ Kim.