Queens, NY

J. Cole continues to prove he’s a man of the people, this time pulling up to an aspiring rapper’s listening session in Queens, New York.

The Dreamville boss was spotted hanging out with an up-and-coming MC named Ty Trilly in his NYC projects on Wednesday (March 22), where he took time out of his day to lend an ear to the rapper’s new material.

“Cole pulled up on me To hear my new shit, No Meetings in the city straight Raw block shit,” Trilly wrote on Instagram next to a video of Cole listening to his music in the packed-out lobby of his apartment building. “Appreciate You @realcoleworld , It’s up From Here !!”

J. Cole could be seen nodding his head and listening intently to one of Trilly’s songs in the clip, before giving the young rapper some words of wisdom and motivation.

“I ain’t even put a second verse on it yet,” Trilly says at one point, to which Cole replies: “You don’t even need it, n-gga. Shoot the shit, put that bitch out, next! ‘Cause they gon’ feel it. And they gon’ feel the next one, I swear to God.

“I know what you mean like, ‘Man, I probably need a second verse.’ No, n-gga. Just that! Shoot the video, put that bitch out, it’s gon’ land on the people it’s supposed to land on.”

Ty Trilly posted a separate video on his Instagram Stories of J. Cole animatedly talking to him in his ear along with the caption: “Soaking up some game!”

The Queens rapper seemingly heeded Cole’s advice and released the song in question, “Adapt,” on SoundCloud.

More footage from the North Carolina native’s impromptu trip to Queens showed him chopping it up with the rest of Ty Trilly’s crew outside his apartment building and advising them on how to get their movement off the ground.

“I’m shooting that shit, I’ma go with my n-gga — what is it? Pasta on the what? Pasta On Da Lenz. And I’m taking it to the crib, we gon’ edit this shit and I’m putting it out, bro!

“Y’all n-ggas got a whole fucking — it’s already a network over here. You n-ggas just gotta come together, you know what I mean? There’s too many people right here to not have the network.”

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“The Truth came thru the Trenches and showed loved you gave all of us recognition & motivation and that shit is priceless but worth so much,” photographer Pasta On Da Lenz captioned the clip on his Instagram Stories.

J. Cole is no stranger to the borough of Queens having attended St. John’s University out of high school, knowing that his chances of succeeding in music would be greater in New York City.

This is far from the first time the Off Season rapper has shown love to artists on the come-up. Earlier this year, he dropped a song called “Procrastination (Broke),” which found him rapping over a “J. Cole type beat” he found on YouTube.

Rather than releasing it on major streaming platforms, Cole allowed the song’s producer, Bvtman, to upload it to his YouTube channel and reap the financial rewards. (The track has over 3.5 million plays at the time of writing.)

“This song should live on your channel and serve as a thank you to you and every producer out there cooking up and sharing their work with the world,” Cole wrote in a text message to Bvtman. “It’s a million artists out there right now just like me, hungry and searching every day for something to spark a word, a melody, a hook, a verse, a punchline, a way to vent, or a way to CUT THROUGH.

“On a day when I couldn’t find much motivation, I was looking for anything to inspire me. Out of curiosity, I typed in ‘J. Cole type beat’ into YouTube. Yours was the first I saw. I pressed play, focused, and wrote this. This is some shit that would normally stay in the vault, but I don’t want to hold onto the music like that no more.”

He concluded: “This is for you and whoever else need to hear it. God bless bro and keep doing what you do!”