The beef mongers are already stirring the pot after Fabolous’ [click to read] post on popular social networking site Twitter, about the ThisIs50 Festival. In the post, Fabolous noted how peculiar it was to see 50 Cent uniting with other New York rappers after spending most of his career battling them.

The statement read, “It’s interesting to c 50 Cent unite wit NY artists when he’s 1 of the reasons NY hip-hop became so isolated and crumbled…Do u agree NY??

Via his own site,, The G-Unit General gave his opinion on Fab’s comments. “Reading what Fab said about me on Twitter was disappointing,” said 50 Cent. “I have extended myself to Fab personally to allow him to expand himself as an international touring artist. I thought we were friends, but that’s cool.

In an exclusive interview yesterday with HipHopDX, Faboulous gave a more thorough explanation of his comments and assured everyone there is no beef or ill feelings towards 50 Cent.

The only thing I really don’t like about Twitter is a lot of what you say can be taken out of context. If you say something now, the way the media is, if you include somebody’s name it in it becomes a big web and big blog interest. Earlier today, I spoke on how 50 had his concert series, the ThisIs50 concert series, and he unified with a few New York rappers,” said Fab.

The Brooklyn rapper continued, “I was just kind of saying it was of interest to me. It sparked interest to me because this is something new to me, seeing 50 join hands with other artists and giving them promotion. The kind of artist he was when he started he was almost totally against that. He isolated himself and G-Unit, and even attacked other people, and had beefs with other people, mainly other New York rappers. A lot of people feel like he helped crumble New York Rap because he changed people’s perspectives, changed people’s situations. He was incredibly successful. He had the power of King Kong and they were not as successful and they were kind of at his mercy.”

Despite the feelings about 50 Cent‘s impact on New York Rap in the ’00s, Fabolous clarified, “He was able to shift his weight around due to the money he made and the money he was making and I think that he did that. I seen the concert pictures on-line and it looked a little different, a little weird to me. I’m not against 50. I didn’t say it in a beef way. Certain people were already throwing up blogs to create rivalries between different people, commenting and it was really taken out of context. That was just a random thought of mine. A topic of discussion like we were sitting at a barbeque or something or the barbershop and just talking. I just did it over Twitter,” he continued. “I guess it was a big deal or had some shock value to it because it was me. I was really just asking a question. I asked if they agreed because that’s how I felt. I felt that he did do that. I didn’t take a shot at him or anything. All throughout the other tweets I was stating how people felt about it. I was re-tweeting people’s tweets. I also stated how 50 was, at his peak, one of the biggest artist known in the Hip Hop industry. That legacy will never be broken. I was just speaking on the concert, how it felt to see the concert. That’s it.

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