Jim Jones pleaded guilty yesterday (October 5) in a New York courtroom to a misdemeanor assault charge – a result of an altercation involving a member of singer Ne-Yo‘s entourage last December.

According to the Associated Press, Jones allegedly kicked and punched a member of the R&B singer’s crew. At the time, the victim was widely believed (and later confirmed) to be Jayvon Smith, a relative of Jay-Z associate Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith. Jim Jones and Jay-Z have been beefing for several years, but it is unclear whether that was the source of the incident.

Jones initially denied any involvement in the incident, which occurred in front of a Louis Vuitton store in Fifth Avenue in New York [click to read]. According to his lawyer, Scott Leemon, Jones pleaded guilty to avoid probation or possible touring restrictions if convicted.

As a result of the plea, Jones was sentenced to time served, which amounted to the time he spent in custody in January after turning himself into police.

Jones‘ most recent album, Pray IV Reign [click to read], hit shelves last March.