After leaving the Rap game for over two years, Big Scoob, one of Strange Music’s newest artists and long time friend of Tech N9ne’s [click to read], is back with his latest release, Monsterifik.

Growing up in Kansas City, Big Scoob and Tech N9ne lived on the same street, and even went to the same schools, where they often battled.

We grew up in the same neighborhood, same schools, elementary, junior high, high school. And then Tech left [Kansas City] and started doing music with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. And then when he lost his deal, he came back home and that’s when we started a record label, an independent label, on Midwestside records. We had a nice little run of street hits with tracks like ‘Mitch Bade,’ and then I started Hogstyle Records and had hits like ‘It’s On Now’ and ‘Let’s Get Fucked Up.’ After that, Tech went on and started Strange Music. But Tech was the reason why I even got into music, Scoob recently told HipHopDX.

Once involved in with Tech, the two got together with the rest of the 57th Rogue Dog Villains, and made a track which would soon become one of the most famous Rap singles to ever cross the Kansas City radio airwaves, “Let’s Get Fucked Up”.

We had already had the beat…so me and Tech was just ridin’ listening to it and Tech was like we should do some shit like we on everyday, and that’s how we came up with, recalled Scoob. “So while me and Tech were ridin Tech’s like lets do our style the same, you know what I mean, like keep it rollin’ like the same vibe of the hook. So we sat in my back yard with the rest of the RDVs (57th Street Rogue Dog Villains) and wrote that shit drinkin’ having a ball.

While in reality the song was just a true representation of their lifestyle, everyone from Kansas City made it much more. “It’s like a classic here to hear ‘Let’s Get Fucked Up.’ It’s like real huge. It did real big things in the town. That song did more than we ever imagined, ” added Scoob.

After “Let’s Get Fucked Up,” Scoob did a variety a various mixtapes, and collaborations, eventually leading to his long absence from the game.

It wasn’t before long that Tech yet again summoned Big Scoob to hit the booth. With his return to the industry Scoob comes back with the release of his newest album, Monsterifik, which boasts an impressive list of artists; 8Ball & MJG, Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne, and B-Legit.

I just gotta let everyone know my history and about the RDVs and were we all began at. I feel like from 2009 and beyond, it’s Strange Music’s time.

Reported by Michael Mael.