Despite the rain and gloomy outlook, fans of Hip Hop came out in the thousands to “Remember Atlanta.” A crowd that appeared just shy of 5,000 gathered in Masquerade Music Park in Atlanta for The Goodie Mob Reunion: Remember Atlanta presented by Shameless Plug.

For months, the city of Atlanta has been buzzing about Goodie Mob’s [click to read] reunion show and on Saturday, September 19 Goodie Mob reunited yet again.

Before Goodie Mob [click to watch] hit the stage attendee’s were treated to performances by fellow Georgian’s Youngbloodz and Pastor Troy, who performed hits like “85” and “We Ready.”

Accompanied by a live band Goodie Mob opened the show with “Goodie Bag” followed by “Get Rich To This” and “Git Up, Git Out.”

Clad in all red (and with Big Gipp rocking his signature feather boa) Goodie Mob went on to perform classics like “Soul Food”, “Beautiful Skin”, “Cell Therapy”, and “Black Ice.”

proved that his vocals are still on point as he performed “Crazy” and his own version of Frankie Beverly’s “Before I Let Go.”

Prior to the concert, many had speculated about a possible Outkast reunion at the Goodie Mob show but unfortunately a reunion did not come to fruition although Big Boi did make an appearance later in the show.

With the Goodie Mob Reunion now a memory hopefully Cee-Lo, Big Gipp, T-Mo, and Khujo will reunite once again to create classic southern Hip Hop.