According to Tweets made by rapper Fabolous over the weekend, singer T-Pain [click to read] had a few choice words for Jay-Z while deejaying at Rehab nightclub in Las Vegas.

While doing his set at Rehab, T-Pain [click to read] proceeded to tell the crowd “fuck Jay-Z.”

“Yo I’m at Rehab in Vegas.. T-Pain is DJ’ing.. Sayin Fuck Jay Z, he old, blah blah.. guess its backlash from D.O.A..,”
said Fabolous via Twitter.

’s “fuck Jay-Z” comments are a stark contrast to his initial response to Jay Z’s “Death of Auto Tune (D.O.A.) [click to listen].”

“That affected me in a great way, man. I made sure I honored him as a great song writer…that’s like the best song i heard in a couple years, man,”
T-Pain told MTV regarding “D.O.A.” “And it’s great that somebody that important stepped up and vouched for me.”

The DJ who followed T-Pain was apparently unphased by T-Pain’s comments, he immediately started his set with “D.O.A.” followed by a number of other Jay-Z hits.

Yo the DJ is doin’ a Jay-Z set.. D.O.A., kingdom come, run this town, heart of the city, h to the izzo, amillie free.. T-Pain somewhere in here,” said Fabolous in a Tweet.

T-Pain has yet to comment publicly on his remarks made that night.

UPDATE: Interviewed this morning on the Ed Lover Morning Show, Jay-Z reacted to the reports and subsequently leaked video of T-Pain‘s diatribe. The Brooklyn veteran emcee, who told released his Blueprint 3 [click to read] album, seemed to wave off any lyrical confrontation with the Jive Records platinum star.

I made it very clear I wasn’t talking about him,Jay-Z said. “I think he’s talented, I don’t think he need Auto-Tune to sell records but if that’s his prerogative. ‘D.O.A.’ was just for the conversation.”

The emcee later added that he still represents the culture above any one us, “Even still with all these guys running around…I still represent Hip Hop…I represent the culture. When I have conversation with Oprah or Bill Maher, represent the culture.

UPDATE #2: T-Pain spoke to the Ed Lover Morning Show this morning. The Florida-based singer admitted to putting a Jay-Z Google Alert in his iPhone after first hearing “D.O.A.” to get clarifiaction if the Roc Nation emcee had a problem with him. “I’m lookin’ to see, if maybe in the interviews, [Jay-Z will admit] that he’s not talkin’ about me. I’m not goin’ crazy [with this at the time]…Every time [he was asked in interviews] if he was talkin’ about T-Pain, he’d say, ‘T-Pain is a talented dude.'” “I will say that what he said yesterday morning made me feel so much better…he’s an icon. I’m trying to be where he’s at.

Me going at Jay-Z…I could’ve been real stupid: I could have been one of these stupid artists [that disses Jay-Z]. He would have just [destroyed] me. My dad always told me that the best way to get somebody to get at you is to talk bad about them to somebody else.” The Auto-Tune singer also admitted that he was trying to reach Jay-Z for months to no avail. He also said that he would have been willing to stage a feud with Jay-Z akin to the sales competition two years ago with Kanye West and 50 Cent.