9th Wonder [click to read] has been recognized for his acclaimed production work with Jay-Z [click to read], Sean Price and Little Brother. Outside of Hip Hop, the North Carolina producer and professor has produced hit singles for Destiny’s Child and Erykah Badu as well.

Today it was revealed to HipHopDX that 9th has accepted a Urban A&R position through Arizona-based 101 Distribution. “I just thought it was a good opportunity to get my fans to go to one place,” the North Carolinian producer explains. “CD sales in stores are really going down, labels get in the way and I just thought of a way to put out the album for everybody to go buy it. It’s a supply and demand type thing. I don’t believe in a big, big roll out and all this whatever. I tell my fans to go get it, they get it and I’m straight. And I think 101D is the best place for it.” The union started when the distribution company worked with 9th on distributing his and Wale‘s Back To The Future mixtape.

In addition to the A&R position, 9th Wonder has agreed to use 101D to distribute 10 releases, reportedly due in the next year. Seven of the 10 releases will be volumes of The Lost Beats. These collections will feature rare and unreleased 9th Wonder instrumentals. Other producers including DJ Premier, J Dilla and Da Beatminerz have done similar releases on vinyl and CD.

Other confirmed releases include a project from Tyler Woods and an official release of Murs & 9th Wonder‘s third album installment, Sweet Lord [click to read].

Every record sounds different – every one, and with Murs, it’s the same thing,9th Wonder explains. “We just kept every album different. It’s the same concept we have, but every album just sounds different. That’s all. And it’s soul music. I don’t really believe in re-inventing the wheel too much. I just believe in Soul music and that’s what I do.”

For more information about 101 Distribution, [click here].