Along with the Ruff Ryders family, Hip Hop veteran emcee and producer Freddie Foxxx [click to read] is one of the few who may be as respected in the motorcycle world as he is in Rap. In recent years, Foxxx has branded his Krupt Mob motorcycle club. Speaking with HipHopDX recently, Foxxx said, “I’m building the team. I’ve got new people comin’, I got rid of some old people – this is like a revolving wheel, this motorcycle community. I just did the cover of Urban Biker Magazine. That’s comin’ out.

With this new exposure, Krupt Mob plans to go multi-national. “I’m actually looking to do a brother club in Japan with the urban bikers there,” continued the emcee also known as Bumpy Knuckles. “That’s gonna be crazy, to have a Krupt Mob urban biker brother club in Tokyo, Japan. We’re trying to do more charities, man. We do the Thanksgiving thing. We feed people on Thanksgiving, give kids toys at Christmas time. That’s the part of the biking that I love the most. That influence came from a lot of good people who are just hard-workin’, nine-to-fivers who ride hard. The whole bike movement is really just about doing things and enjoying the culture – positive things. And yeah, you’ve got to have a set of nuts on you to go down the highway at a buck-twenty [120 mph], and multi-task. [Laughs]

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Overall, the brand is thriving and getting closer to Foxxx‘s long-standing plans to bring the outfit closer to the music. “Krupt Mob is doing great. We’re growing in the sense that we’re a little less in numbers now because I wanted to do some house-cleaning, but the quality of the riders that I kept and the quality of the riders that I’m adding is more incredible every time. I love my members, man, damn near more than I love myself, because of their committment. We’re gonna pull the bikes out this summer. When De La Soul comes to New York, we’re gonna flood the streets. It’s gonna be crazy.

Speaking about De La Soul, Freddie Foxxx also explained to HipHopDX about his recent deejaying on the Long Island trio’s Dugout radio show on UStream [click here]. To Foxxx, this is part of a bigger musical revolution. “You’ve got to give the fans some direct access. A lot of this superstar, Hollywood, ‘You can’t get next to me’ bullshit is outta here. Labels need to know that. Labels need to know that they need to push these artists. They either need to develop these artists like Motown did when Berry Gordy was with them and make it a family thing, or they’re gonna teach these young artists to give the fans more access. Reality TV has affected everything. When you log on, and they’re building computers with cameras and shit, these guys need to give fans some direct access. People talk directly to you. It can’t be ‘Makeup, andddd action!‘” Using specifics, Freddie pointed to a producer who he worked on his classic Industry Shakedown album. “A guy like Alchemist [click to read] wouldn’t be as big as he is – and his work speaks for itself, his work is incredible, but now that he gives fans access.Alchemist has recently been doing skits, sketches and more comedy-geared material on video [click to view].

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‘s Music From The Man series will premier with a free album produced by Jesse West [click to read] later this year.