A bright spot in the Pacific coast Rap world has been Fashawn [click to read], one of the latest emcees to hit the scene. With a new album on the way, along with more material to come, Fash has been quite busy. Recently, the Fresno, California representative spoke with HipHopDX about his new album with Exile, a new mixtape with Alchemist [click to read] and more.

His official release, Boy Meets World, which he’s been working on with Exile, was close to being released in September. However, he told us why he had to push that disc’s release date back.

We were originally saying September but it got pushed back to October because of personal things that I can’t really discuss. It’s some things I gotta handle personally in September but I think it was good because I still have a tape that I’m working on before that which I’m working on with Alchemist.
He also added that working with ALC has kept him productive.

I stay working. Hanging around Alchemist all day, you know I’m hearing the best beats you can possibly imagine and I’m writing the craziest shit you can possibly imagine.

Going back to the feel of his official release with Exile, Fash said that fans can expect a little nostalgia with their music, saying the 1990s inspired him.

[This album was influenced by] classic albums like [Nas‘] Illmatic, [Common‘s] Like Water for Chocolate, like Gang Starr [click to read] and that era, man. Basically, the core of the ’90s is my favorite era so that’s the main influence behind it.

Inspired by greats, he was asked how he wants his fans to react to his music in the future and if he had a message for them.

I just want them to speak from the heart and don’t let nobody tell you what to think or what to believe. Always stick to your heart. Always give it a 110% because believe me, there people waiting for you to slip so they can take your spot. Put God first, man. That’s the only way to succeed.

Boy Meets World
is due in October through The Orchard.