Ever since his start in the Los Angeles underground, Murs [click here] has been making noise. By working with The Living Legends, Slug [click here], DJ Quik [click here] , 9th Wonder [click here]and a slew of others, he’s allowed his fan base to grow through the years and after signing with a major label, he’s built his buzz even more. This week, Murs spoke to HipHopDX about his upcoming projects including a new Felt record, new music with 9th Wonder and a project with a pun rock band.

Everything that I do from now on will be with somebody else,” he said of what fans can expect to from him. “A lot of people keep asking about Murs and 9th Wonder. It never went away. We never stopped doing shit. We’re going to do shit forever. So, Murs and 9th Wonder coming next year. Felt 3 coming out this year. I got a punk rock group called The Invincibles with this gang called Whole Wheat Bread coming out this year. I’ve also been working on some stuff with DJ Quik and Terrence Martin. We’re doing a whole ghetto, hood, electro, dance, sex, party record. We’ve been working on that. We’ve got a few songs knocked out. I’ve also got Varsity Blues 2, man. So, I got like 4 records coming out. I’m going to have like 10 records in the next year, man. Stay tuned because as soon as I get free from Warner Brothers, it’s going to be a party.”

Don’t think this means that he’s retiring from solo work.

I just think that I work better like…Me and 9th Wonder, I don’t consider that a solo project because we work together. I’m going to have solo records, it’s just like…In the punk rock band, I’m the only rapper. I’m going to start making different sounds so people don’t think that Hip Hop just has to all sound the same.”

The first of many Murs projects to drop may be the upcoming Felt record, which fans can expect to hear very soon.

We’re going to leak a song in a couple days,” he said, adding that he wants to wait before giving out information on who this album will be a tribute to. “There’s a new producer, too.”

With a goal to release ten albums in the next year, he’s got a lot on his plate.

I’m working on some stuff with Sick Jacken [click here] hopefully and just working with whoever wants to work. You know? If you’re out there and you want to work-as long as you’re doing something in your scene, I want to bring my kids to what you’re doing and your fans to what we’re doing and we’ll just have one big party for good music.”