After a brief hiatus from the game, Ja Rule is ready to release new material. Fans may have already heard his latest release The Mirror, which is comprised of previously leaked tracks, but he says he has more music in store for 2009. Recently, Rule spoke with HipHopDX about his upcoming projects.

Fans waiting for a new album will not have to wait long. Expect a new official release from Rule before 2010.

I’m putting together a beautiful fucking album,” he said of his new work. “It’s coming out real hot. I couldn’t be happier right now.”

Before that, fans can also expect new material in the form of a mixtape.

“Welcome To Rule York is coming soon,” he said of his mix tape. “I’m doing it on my own right now. I kind of like working on my own on the mix tapes. But, I might get a deejay to host it. I’m not sure yet.

The mixtape has no official release date but will “absolutely” drop before 2010. The new album will be released around November, according to him.

He’s also working on film and television projects that fans can catch very soon.

I just did a joint that’s going to the film festival,” he noted. “It’s called Don’t Fade Away with me and Mischa Barton. Then, I’m working on a film right now with Susan Batson called In the Lower Ninth. It’s just getting the green light so we’ll be shooting that soon. On my production company, we’ve got Leroy that we’re working on.”

For more on Rule, stay tuned to DX as a full-length interview should be up later this month.