In an interview with, rapper Tray Deee [click to read] speaks on his relationship with former group members Snoop Dogg [click to read] and Goldie Loc. All three rappers were once members of Hip Hop group Tha Eastsidaz.

Tray Deee revealed to AllHipHop that he is now on speaking terms with Snoop [click to watch] and although Tray Deee has spoken to Goldie Loc since his imprisonment, the two are not on good terms.

“I finally enjoyed a warm conversation with Snoop Dogg after over five years of no communication whatsoever,”
said Tray Deee. “We agreed to let the past go like water under the proverbial bridge and we even shared a few genuine laughs…Now Goldie Loc, he has never exhibited any degree of loyalty toward me.”

Tha Eastsidaz disbanded several years ago when Snoop left the group and Tray Deee was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attempted murder. Tray Deee hopes there will be some kind of a reunion once his sentence is up.

“I would hope that Snoop Dogg and I could recapture that vibe that we once shared, and salvage the wonderful history that we created,”
Tray Deee explained. “It’s his call at this point. Barring some extraordinary events transpiring between now and my release, I have no interest of fuckin’ with Goldie Loc ever again – except to be compensated by him for prominently featured on his [Still Eastsidin’] CD”

Tray Deee
is currently serving his 12-year sentence from the California Men’s Colony State Prison and his earliest possible release date is 2013.