LL Cool J is already regarded as an icon within Hip Hop but he’s also got a passion for acting. That has been on display in the past in different ways. Now, the man who used to star in his own television show is joining the cast of a much-talked about new series on NBC. Cool J will join Chris O’Donnell on NCIS: Los Angeles, a spin-off of NCIS, which was a spin-off of JAG. In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, he spoke on the show, acting and how it compares to his rap career [click here].

I’m not in the end zone dancing,” he said of being a part of a new show. “We’re just kicking the ball off. It’s a huge responsibility. You’re joining one of the most popular franchises on the number one network.”

Fans of the old show can expect some changes. LL told the paper that there will definitely be more action in this version. He also added that he joined the show because it felt “right.”

It’s fun to do new stuff. It’s fun to be the new kid on the block. Instead of being the Godfather of Rap when you walk into the room, you’re the new guy with the new show. Acting is a wonderful, wonderful exercise and a wonderful thing to experience. It’s like playing with G.I. Joes when you’re a kid and imagining you’re in a battle. That’s real fun.”

NCIS: Los Angeles is expected to air in the Fall on NBC.