According to Billboard, deceased singer Michael Jackson[click to read] is continuing to dominate the Billboard charts [click to read] with his impressive number of albums sold. This past week, Billboard reports that Michael Jackson[click to read] sold over 800,000 copies.

The numbers, which have been provided by Nielsen SoundScan, are the preliminary numbers for the tracking week ending Sunday, July 5.

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Jackson’s album sales have nearly doubled compared to the previous tracking week when only 422,000 albums were sold.

Another change in Jackson’s album sales is in regards to physical versus digital albums. The week of Jackson’s death 43 percent of albums sold were physical as opposed to this past week when 83 percent of albums sold were physical copies.

Nielsen SoundScan also reports that Jackson’s Number Ones will be the top selling album in the United States while Thriller will be the second top selling album.

On top of selling close to a million albums Jackson has completely dominated the Top Pop Catalog Albums chart. Albums by Jackson fill up the top ten positions on the chart.