John L. Sampson, of Bedford-Stuyvesant, became leader of the New York Senate Democrats. He rose through the ranks in politics reluctant of the limelight by some accounts, and now has to lead.

He wrestled with it,” said Senator Eric Adams, a Brooklyn Democrat told the New York Times [click here].

I think he was more concerned with being the out-front guy. He never had that desire. But he felt someone had to step in and lead.” 

Sampson is lawyer, with a degree from Albany Law School, who still practices with Alter & Barbos Brooklyn. 

If Sampson’s name seems familiar, it is because he represented Foxy Brown in 2007 when she faced charges of a violating her parole after a fight in a hair salon.

However, Sampson’s new role is being seen with criticism.

It raises troubling questions,” Dick Dadey, a member of Citizens Union, told the New York Post [click here]. “He’s carrying two obligations and there’s a potential for them to be in conflict. We should know more about the nature of [lawmakers’] work and how it intersects with their public duties. We never know when there might be a conflict of interest.”