On an episode of Run’s House that will air on Monday, June 22 Rev. Run [click to read] and his family will confront the recent arrest of JoJo Simmons [click to read] for possession of marijuana last month.

In the episode JoJo is confronted by his two sisters Vanessa and Angela regarding what happened that night and he also speaks to his little brothers on the importance of being responsible.

“I can’t be that stupid…Russy doesn’t understand fully. Diggy do, but he’s about to go to high school and that’s where it all started for me,”
JoJo explained to his sisters in a clip from the upcoming episode.

Both sisters were quick to jump to JoJo’s defense, with Vanessa Simmons showing her support for her little brother on Twitter, writing “As humans we all make mistakes. They make up your life lessons and experiences. JoJo is ok, he just made a[n] oops.”

The episode will also include Rev. Run being reminded of his wild past by brother and Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons [click to read].

The episode of Run’s House, which will be the reality shows second episode in its sixth season, will air on MTV at 10:00pm ET/PT on June 22.