Jay-Z’s [click to read] much talked about album, Blueprint 3 finally has a release date.

The third installment to Mr. Carter’s [click to read] series will hit store shelves eight years to the day of the original release—September 11.

For obvious reasons, the release date has been deemed “controversial” by some websites, but the way the news got out may be even more controversial. News of the Roc Nation/Atlantic release got out via Sean Crespo’s Twitter page. Crespo is VP of Rap Promotion at the label.

The announcement seemed to come down as fast as it went up. Official word on Blueprint 3 is reportedly due today at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert in New York.

Details about the album remain sketchy as of press time, but like the original Blueprint, look for Kanye West to play a major role behind the boards.

Kanye‘s in the process of making a new batch of music that’s going to be phenomenal, and at the end of the day, when it’s ready for the people, we’ll serve it up,” Jay-Z said. “If I don’t have any time constraints…then I’ll be Axl Rose out here. It’ll be 12 years later and we’ll be talking about my Chinese Democracy or something.”

To listen to Jay-Z’s latest single, “DOA (Death Of Auto-tune),” [click to listen].