In a post that was featured on the Okay Player message boards Phonte, one-half of North Carolina based Hip Hop group Little Brother [click to read], explained to fans that Leftback the duo’s upcoming project may be one of Little Brother’s last.

“It’s been three studio albums, a host of mixtapes/mix-albums, a gang of label/internal group drama and we still survived through it all,” Phonte explained. “For me, it just feels like a ‘we came, we saw, we made our mark’ sorta thing. I don’t know if there’s anything left to prove.”

’s post was a result of an interview with that Phonte posted earlier on the boards. In the interview Phonte referred to Leftback as the groups “denouement.” Phonte was then questioned by one of the Okay Player board members curious to know if Phonte was referring to the end of the Getback [click to read] era or the end of Little Brother.

“Me and Pooh [click to read] will always make music together in some capacity,” said Phonte. “If anything it’ll be more like a BlackStar situation where we will have our solo endeavors but still occasionally perform together and pop up on each other’s projects. But as for the LB brand, ‘Leftback’ will definitely be the last fix for awhile.”

Formed in 1998, Little Brother have been a mainstay in Hip Hop for quite some time. Together the group has released three albums and former Little Brother member 9th Wonder has had the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as Sean Price and Jay-Z.

Little Brother
are expected to release Leftback some time this year.