After beginning her career as a back up dancer for Jodeci and LL Cool J, Lady May has decided to step into the rap game as a solo artist. With her collaboration of “Boom, Boom, Boom” with Rob Jackson blasting clubs and radio stations all over, Lady May looks like she is set to takeover the female rap game. Using the collaboration as a way to introduce the world to two new rappers, Arista Records decided to set the stage for both rappers summer debut albums. “I was told like this; you come into the game, you better have that clique that’s out and established. You better have that n***a that’s out there introducing you because you’re a female. So here we got Rob Jackson that nobody knows from Adam; no one knows me from Adam. And we’re putting it out”, Lady May said.

Lady May who used to rap under the name May West, was signed to Arista through her connections with mad rapper / producer Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie. I was very deep when I came to D-Dot, like ‘Ashes to ashes dust to dust’. He helped me make it (rhyming) entertaining”, May said. Her next single “Round Up” featuring R&B songstress, Blu Cantrell, is slowing making its way to the radio’s steady rotation. May describes the song as being an anthem for ladies to get money. “It’s not honey’s getting down to rob a dude or tricking a guy in the club. It’s like ‘We got it, we good, we don’t need your money or your ride’. It’ ain’t about jocking your cash. You’re jocking my cash”.

Lady May’s debut album “May Day” will be in stores July 16. Look for special guest Blu Cantrell, P. Diddy and Memphis Bleek.