Artists such as Snoop Dogg [click to read], DJ Quik [click to read] and Bishop Lamont [click to read] have all commented on the vast amount of unreleased material Dr. Dre keeps in the Aftermath vaults. And it would seem that “The Doctor” began this habit back in his Death Row days, as his former label is making previously unreleased material from The Chronic available. In a recent conversation with HipHopDX, Death Row/WIDEawake Entertainment Senior Vice President John Payne explained how the label plans to reintroduce a classic album to a new generation.

“We’re re-releasing ‘The Chronic,’ and it’s going to be called, ‘The Chronic Relit’,” Payne said. “It will be remastered with a couple more songs that were done at that same time as well as a lot of footage and artwork. We’re remastering it so that it works with today’s technology, but we’re not changing the mixes or doing anything like that.”

Payne said the label has every intention of keeping the vast amount of Death Row recordings both “original and fresh” at the same time. And, in a bit of surprising news, he added that fans will have an opportunity to be involved in a separate online competition, allowing them to rap over classic Dr. Dre production.

“There are a couple Dre tracks that had no third verse, and we’re going to be seeking people to complete them,” Payne added. “We won’t go to the entertainment realm. We just want average, everyday people.”

Tracks with added verses from fans will not be included on the reissue of The Chronic. As the finishing touches are being put on the projects, Payne explained that release dates and more information on how artists can submit verses will be announced. HipHopDX will provide more details and information as they are available.