Tonight at 10pm EST (check local listings), the E! network premiers a new episode of their special Rapper Wives. The first episode premiered in summer of 2006, featuring Snoop Dogg‘s wife and others. The new episode features wives, exes and widows of Paul Wall [click to read], Luke [click to read], DMX, Big Pun and Mos Def.

The good people at the E! network provided HipHopDX with some preview quotes from tonight’s episode. Included is Luke‘s wife de-bunking the stripper myths of Luke‘s lifestyle, Paul Wall‘s lady saying how Paul had to get rid of the grill, and Pun‘s widow explaining the mixed emotions of her husband dying in 2000.

Alana Wyatt
(Mrs. Mos Def) [click to read] – “With the media and everybody saying, ‘She’s a groupie, she’s a gold digger, she only dates athletes,’ they don’t know the reason why I had to do that. I’m not the type of a person that is a stripper, you know, by nature, or a gold digger or somebody that only dates people with money, but I’ve been less fortunate, and when better situations have presented themselves, I’ve taken on the opportunity.  I realized what I was doing was not right, so the fact that I married Mos Def for money is not true. I married Mos Def because I knew he loved me. He looked past everything people had to say about me and he took that risk, and that’s why I said yes to him.

Crystal Slayton (Mrs. Paul Wall) – “We had so much in common. The only thing that was getting in our way then was his grill ‘cause he told me it was permanent! I was like, ‘Damn, what are we gonna do about that grill? How are we gonna get this grill out his mouth?’ We were together three months and he did not take that thing out in front of me. I was happy to know that it came out.

Kristin Campbell (Mrs. Luke) – “A lot of times people expect, you know ‘Oh, your life has to be freaky and you guys are like that all the time.’  For Luke and I, our life is not girls by the pool in bikinis, you know, popping it ’til it hurts. We’re probably really more conservative than I think a lot of people give us credit [for].

Tashera Simmons (Mrs. DMX) – “Being married to a celebrity, you’re a single mother. People don’t think of the husband’s never being home, the children not really being able to have a father at their school plays and their basketball games. The more [DMX] got into the industry, I watched my best friend being just sucked in.

Liza Rios (Mrs. Big Pun) – “The day that he died it was the best and the worst day of my life, the worst day because I lost a part of me. I lost my husband. I lost my friend. I lost my kids’ father. I lost everything, but then it was a best day of my life because all the abuse, all the pain, all the crying, it was over. That was it. It was done.

Tune in tonight, on E!.