Since the release of his mixtape So Far Gone, Canadian rapper/singer Drake has gained a surplus of fans from across the country.

But recently Drake received a large amount of criticism from fans after her performed a freestyle on Funkmaster Flex’s show on HOT97 while reading the lyrics from his Blackberry.

In an interview with MTV’s Mixtape Daily, Drake explained why his Blackberry is an essential tool when it comes to writing his rhymes.

I’ll pull my phone out in front of anybody and start writing,” said Drake. “And say, ‘Yo, I gotta go and check this Web site [for research],’ because I know when I come with that verse, you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, okay, that’s why it took two hours and you needed the wireless Internet hooked up.’ It’s just about quality and taking pride in yourself and having an ear. A lot of artists don’t even know when they sound wrong or off.

With no set release date or label for his debut album Thank Me Later, Drake has a few tracks that will hold fans over until his debut is released.

Me and [Kid] Cudi gonna make it work,” Drake explained to MTV. “Other than that, I got a song with [Kanye West] and [Lil] Wayne [click to read]. I got a song: me, Wayne and [Young] Jeezy [click to read]. I got some stuff coming to just keep the people entertained until that album hits the shelves, and hopefully my work on So Far Gone [click to listen] will allow me to at least break into the industry in an impressive way.

Jay-Z is also a reported guest.